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Stair banisters and railings ideas from Terence Wisdom

Finely Forged

Gracefully shaped baluster aspects develop an advanced iron stair railing that takes a little twist at the landing. The homeowner's tasteful furnishings are complemented by the single railing and offers a rich counterpoint to the more restrained wood stair treads and risers that are white.

Elegantly Engineered

This wrought-iron stairs railing makes a sculptural statement that originates with its floor-set newel post. An arch rail and delightfully detailed balusters held in place by brackets that are decorative combine for a wonderful focus. Safe passage is ensured by the just lined handrail on the interior wall for pairs traveling the stairway in exactly the same time.

Smartly Synced

This entrance staircase and railings stay in step with the house's Victorian sources. Stairs trim and paneled posts stained to match the handrails add a feeling of relevance. White balusters link nicely with all the architecturally significant woodwork of the house and keep the look brilliant.

Curvaceous Climb

Without blocking views or incoming light of the arched window located behind the stairway intricately detailed iron railings garner attention. Rising from a white foundation, dark stair railings undulate up to highlight the stately architecture in the staircase and turn in the starting steps.

Fashionable Beginnings

Straight balusters embellished with knucklelike details partner with a slender round handrail to guide eyes and traffic upward without interrupting the dwelling's peaceful rhythms.

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Unfussy Form

Matched with square balusters, posts and apparently profiled handrails, and a white-painted finish, the breezy monochromatic color scheme is totally suited by this stair railing.

Cottage Railing

Wood blocks joining custom design is given and somewhat of sturdiness to this stairway by the balusters.

Pleasing and Practical

Stair railings ought to be hardy structures that guarantee safe journeys. This charming layout has every measure and potential peril covered. Stair rails offer handholds from step one to the landing, which is enclosed using a lattice-paneled railing that gives way to your white-painted handrail mounted on brackets secured to wall studs.

Walk in shower enclosures for small bathrooms from Terence Wisdom

Omit the Tub

If showering is your go-to bathing alternative, forget about adding a tub. Use what might happen to be the tub wall to create a huge walk in shower. Stretching across a bathroom's back (and shortest wall), this walk in shower provides a lot of pampering without overwhelming the little toilet.

Capture a Corner

Place a walk-in shower into a small bathroom's corner, by opting to the main bath area for a neoangled foundation and glass enclosure that step but enlarge the showering area. This walk in shower layout that is 's neoangled expanded the square footage of the shower, giving the homeowners space for adding a built in seat.

Frameless shower enclosures

Invite in Light

Place your walk in shower near a window or beneath a skylight so you gaze upon twinkling stars or can bask in sunbeams. This walkin shower boasts a glass door that let natural light to stream in and out of the shower along with a clerestory window. Thanks to its positioning, the shower becomes a separate room that doesn't clutter up the sight lines of the little toilet or impede traffic flow.

Design ideas for a small bathroom from Terence Wisdom

Use a Large Mirror

By creating the delusion of more space, a space expands. Here, a sizable mirror above the vanity reflects the wall opposite, making the restroom look. Leaving the mirror frameless also helps the illusion.

Find the Right Size

Occasionally a tiny footprint dictates layout decisions. And proportion and scale are essential factors when working in a tiny space such as this one. A classic- style faucet and vessel sink ensure the small counter space remains clutter-free.

Bathroom shower doors

Retain Views

An interrupted perspective is essential to making a small space feel open and asking. Here, a glass surround from feeling cramped and dark, prevents the shower.

Interior partition wall ideas from Terence Wisdom

Whether you would like to create more private or have an open floorplan, cozy spaces in your home the right room divider can make all the difference. The photographs in this post go well beyond a folding screen and instead use everything from shrubbery to curtains to nautical rope to create beautiful, exceptional spaces.
Translucent walls and a modern living-room having a Japanese flair divide a concrete hall.

Using indoor plants as partitions is a particularly creative and beautiful way to solve the room divider dilemma. These vines climb up ropes to generate an indoor jungle that also splits spaces.

Utilizing a bookshelf that is enormous to divide a room is a fantastic practical use of space as seen here. The more books you amass, the more different things get.

Taking the partition to another level, this special en suite does not even have a whole wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom using frosted glass.

These luxury beaded curtains would never be located in a dorm.

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Too many walls plus a room can feel not enough, although cramps and small and distractions abound. This half wall with a beaded curtain and beams lets in lots of air and light while keeping the office area taken out of the remaining part of the house.

Seclusion that is a bit less is potential with one of these wooden slat sliding doors, but it is more than made up for by the elegant look.

A whole room is truly hidden by this impressive room divider away. Just fold in the wall and make a perfect cozy reading nook. Fold it away for slumber without distraction.

The waterfall effect in this partition is ultra luxury.

Sometimes the suggestion of division will do to make a space more comfortable, although gauzy white curtains don’t do much to keep sound out.

Stair banisters and railings ideas from Terence Wisdom

Finely Forged Gracefully shaped baluster aspects develop an advanced iron stair railing that takes a little twist at the landing. The ho...